Who Started Christmas?



Material presented and narrative by…Carl R. Dillenback


Recently, I received an E-mail from my cousin entitled “Who Started Christmas”. Intrigued, I opened it and read a long syrupy story about a frustrated Christmas shopper with a bad attitude, who found the true meaning of Christmas from a stranger on an elevator. Of course it was not the true meaning of Christmas at all. Closer to the truth were her original feelings of frustration, combined with fatigue and irritation.


This time of year entwines a large segment of the population in hopeless spiraling debt. It is a time of year when shoplifting, armed robbery, burglary and domestic homicide reach their peak on the charts year after year after year. If you are completely honest with yourself you can’t help but realize that Christmas is more the season of greed than give. If you have trouble believing that, try not giving someone like your spouse or a sibling a gift after they have given you one. Do that for a year or two and see how much spirit of “give” resides within that person. Or, for a more immediate reaction, try not giving your children the usual gluttonous array of toys and glitter this year. When they come down stairs this year on Christmas morning and view that blank tree, try telling them that the true gift of Christmas was God sending His only begotten Son into this world so that man and God might be reconciled. Then hand them each an apple, wish them a Merry Christmas and remind them that they have a roof over their heads which doesn’t leak, heat in their home which comforts them, and plenty of good food to eat.

Go ahead, I dare you! You’ll find out whether this is the season of give or get real quick.

Compare for a moment if you will, Christmas (which is not found in the Bible) with the Holy Days of God given to Israel by God as a sign between He and they. You will find them in the Old Testament of your Bible in Deuteronomy the 16th chapter, Leviticus 23 and a host of other sections in both the old and New Testament. In the only nation of the face of the earth, which I know of that keeps these days exclusively (Israel), you will find no such statistics. Among the Jewish population (that rejects Hanukkah) in this country, and the growing number of Christians that reject Christmas, you will also find an absence of the type of behavior that permeates our society during this time of year when they celebrate God’s Holy Days. Why is that?


So, Who really did Start Christmas? Where did all of this come from? Was it God? Before you say,”yes”, and that you can’t hold God accountable for what man does (which is true), let me remind you of something that you are probably already aware of. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was not born on December 25th, or any time close to it. Any biblical scholar who holds claim to the name knows that. Your local minister, unless he is a total biblical illiterate, knows that. It is, as they say, common knowledge. Go and ask him if this is a revelation to you. If you pin him into a corner, he (or she) will admit it. Then he will tell you that the church has picked this day as the day to honor His birth because no one knows the date of the birth of Christ. That is technically true but, it is only a half-truth. While we do not know the date, we do know that he was born in mid autumn close to, or at, the time of The Feast of Tabernacles. This knowledge is gleanable from the pages of your bible and a little knowledge of history. If you are unaware of this, I am certainly willing to go over this with anyone who asks but, that for the moment at least, is outside the scope of this article.

So tell me, how do you honor a person by knowingly celebrating his birthday on the wrong day? Actually, it is a DISHONOR. You have told that person that you don’t think enough of him to commemorate his birthday on the actual date, so you have picked a day, which is more convenient for YOU.

How would you feel if your friends and relatives treated you this way? Moreover, how would you feel if the day that they picked to celebrate your birthday was actually the Great Day of your arch-enemy. A person who has sworn to destroy you? 

If the Christ was not born in December, and that date is not among the Holy Days of God, then exactly when, how, and who is responsible for all of this? 

For those of you who don’t know, the answers are easy to find. Look up “Christmas, origins, tradition, and history of, “ on the inter-net or any good encyclopedia (including the Catholic Encyclopedia), and you will learn very quickly that today’s celebration of Christmas is the result of a mixture of pagan celebrations of the Saturnalia which were practiced among the Scandinavian countries, Germany, the pagan British Isles and Rome. You can readily determine beyond any doubt that our present customs, and the day itself, have origins in the Roman Empire that are anything BUT Christian. 

This however, does not answer our original question. Who started Christmas? Well, we have already determined that haven’t we? It was the Romans. Oh, no, the celebration of that sacred rite goes much further back than that. The Greeks? Long before that.  The Persians? The Chaldeans? The Medes? Keep going……

 The Egyptians then? You may be surprised to learn that the celebration of the birth of the Sun god which was celebrated on or around Dec. 25th was celebrated in a way which is almost identical with the celebration of Christmas today. The only notable difference being, the palm tree in place of the fir tree. However, by the time the Egyptian Empire was in its hay-day, the religion that spawned not only Christmas, but all the other so called “Christian Holidays” that we accept without question, was well established and flourishing in the ancient world.

 To get to the true origins of this holiday we have to combine the sources of history, legend, myth and the Bible. Put all the ancient writings together and this is what we come up with…

The grandson of Noah was a man named Nimrod (Gen. 10). He was a very large and powerful man who is credited to be the first man, this side of the flood at least, to have organized an army and conquered the populated world at that time. He is said to have founded the city of Babylon and to have built the Tower of Babel. Nimrod’s reign was tyrannical and as a result he had many enemies. The result of having many enemies when you are a tyrannical dictator is the eventually they find a way to kill you. He was murdered and cut to pieces with his body parts being sent to all parts of his empire as proof of his demise.

 His wife Semiramas, who was now the supreme Queen of the Empire, feared for her own life because of the birth of her son Tammez, who had been conceived through an adulterous relationship. To cover up the adultery and secure her position as Queen, she proclaimed herself the “Virgin Queen of Heaven”. The Wife of Nimrod who had ascended to the heavens to become the king of kings and god of gods, the supreme ruler of heaven. As the SUN, he had visited her and had reinvested himself inside her womb. She had conceived although a virgin queen (she was actually quite licentious and well known for her sexual excesses.). Tammez was the result of this unholy Immaculate Conception, and the concept of the trinity was born. 

Tammez became the pagan “messiah” righting all the wrongs of the pagan world. Ironically (and perhaps not so ironically), Tammez met the same fate that had befallen Nimrod. He was murdered and cut to pieces.

Semiramas wasted no time in perpetuating the story that Tammez had ascended to be with his father Nimrod, and that he and his father were now one and interchangeable. Semiramas now declared herself the supreme ruler of the earth and the only liaison between the father and the son (sun). Sound familiar?

So, what has all this to do with Christmas? Much.

War in heaven between the god of heaven (Nimrod) and Saman (one of Satan’s many names) king of the underworld or the dead, resulted in the slow defeat of Nimrod. As winter approached it was obvious that “the Sun was loosing the battle and that the Lord of the Dead was gaining the victory. Trees bare, cold weather, gloomy skies, hard ground, obvious right? The worship of the Lord of the Dead became a part (eventually a major part) of this religion in an effort to appease the victor, Satan or Saman.  

Saman continues to be victorious over the god of heaven until the winter solstice. On December 25, the shortest day of the year is the final day of Saman’s victories over the god of heaven, for on this day, the SUN is born (Tammez). 

It is a time of great rejoicing. Presents are exchanged, licentious parties are thrown, food and drink are consumed to excess. At various periods throughout history, enemy captives (always considered to be part of the dark forces) are sacrificed and their body parts displayed on the fir tree. The tree, by the way is also part of the legend.

When Tammez was murdered, legend has it that full gown fir tree sprung up on the exact spot of his demise overnight. Tied to that is another interesting aside. The Yule Log is symbolic of the murdered Tammez, ascending (via the smoke) to the father in heaven. Incidentally, the word “Yule” is Chaldean for child.

And on and on it goes….

Through the ages the names changed but the players remained the same.

 Nimrod became Horus in Egypt (or Hephaizt or Oulson, King of the gods to the Hindu), Zeus, to the Greeks, Saturn, the great Buddha, Ninnus and Sane as father and son which are interchangeable in India,

Tammez became Osiris, Iswara, Devius, Jupiter, Plutus or Pluto, Bacchus, Apollo, etc.

Semiramis became worshiped as the Queen of Heaven, Isis, Isi, Cybele, Fortuna, Irene, Shing Moo (China), Astare, Estar or Easter, and is often presented as Madonna with her infant son, Tammez.


In the third century after the death and resurrection of the true Lord of Heaven, a politically and theologically corrupt Roman Church in order to perpetuate its tyrannical rule over the world simply changed the names of the gods and continued its Satanic religious system just as it had always been.

Nimrod became God the Father

Tammez became Jesus the infant Christ

Semiramis became the Virgin Mary, and upon her death, The Queen of Heaven or Holy Spirit (the 3rd member of the trinity, which is not Holy and not Biblical).

Far from being an institution that God approves of, it was the practice of this very religion in Israel that doomed that once mighty nation to slavery and wandering among the nations. (Ezekiel 7, 8 &9)

There are only two religions of the face of this earth. One of them is prescribed in detail within the pages of your Bible. Jesus and the Apostles practiced it, and you would do well to read about it and familiarize yourself with it. It requires some effort on your part but, the reward is life eternal...

The other religion is an ingeniously clever counterfeit as old as humanity itself. Conceived, created and spawned, by non other than Satan the devil. Its objectives are to separate you from God the Father, and Christ His son by injecting himself and his false religion into the heart of all humanity. He has tricked the entire world into believing that he is God and has perpetuated his religion almost completely intact from Babylon to the present day. It’s a religion that promises life but brings only death.




Commentary note: Outside of the Bible and various readily available texts mentioned in the early part of this article, the majority of my authority for the above information (which is only the slightest scratch on the surface of this vast subject) comes from Alexander Hislop’s “Two Babylons”. The references for the information that I have given above, absolutely permeates the entire book. So much so that I have elected not enumerate them because of time constraints, but only that I refer the reader to the general work. There you will find abundant authority for the statements made starting from the first page onward.

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